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When you and your long-standing client agree that it's time for a makeover, everyone's happy. There's nothing like a good, solid review of your own work and it's effectiveness. Sometimes a Brand gets tired and needs a refresh, sometimes a refresh is made necessary because your client is movin' on up in the world. That was the case with my great clients, Diane & Jen. A larger, more prestigious, world-class company scooped them into their fold. Such was the strength of their brand that they were permitted to retain their current look, provided it was updated to reflect the acquisition. Hence this redesign. 

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Marketing & Communications pieces 2013-2020

Everyone has clients who enjoy special-attention status. For a variety of reasons... with diane&jen things got personal, in a good way. We've enjoyed working together for almost a decade now. Sometimes things just work. We design and produce all D&J's marketing and Communications collateral. These include Keynote presentations, banners, business cards and stationery packages, in-house design templates for client and buyer-directed sales and marketing materials, and a host of special event and holiday materials.

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